Mayor Hugh Hallman

Tempe Arizona

“We need to engage with one another as human beings. We may disagree about policy, but we don’t have to be disagreeable. We need to bring back a heart of charity and mercy towards one another.  My request to the faith leaders in all of our community is to bring back to their congregations, to their membership, the message that now is the time to re-engage.”

Pastor Sanghoon Yoo

Faithful City, Arizona

“God is raising his servants to serve their community so they can connect their life to the church.” –

Pastor Anita Bullock

Brighter Day Ministries, Tempe Arizona

“I got in contact with a young lady out here and was sharing my heart concerning homeless people and just doing something for the community.”

Levi Park, Festival Director

Luis Palau Association

“Allowing churches to see the need of working with the Christian Emergency Network, I think that’s the beauty of the relationship we see between the Palau association and the Christian Emergency Network.”.

Jon McHatton

For Our City, Arizona

“There’s a great heart in the Christian leaders of Tempe. And they really, truly desire to serve. But there’s been a logistical problem.  So for the first time there is going to be Christian leaders that all come together to hear from their mayor. To hear from the mayor’s heart, his passion for people. It’s not about politics today. It’s about people”

Ben Sanders

Loving our Cities to Christ, Arizona

“If you are compelled by the Great Commandment not only to love God but to love your neighbor, I think Christian Emergency Network is a critical part.”


Arizona Emergency Shelter

“I’ve seen so much genuine giving that I don’t look at it the same way. I’ve still got a while to go before personal beliefs are actually something I’ve got but it’s not out of the question anymore.”

Pastor Ken Bullock

Brighter Day Ministries, Tempe Arizona

“The church should be available, it should be accessible, and it should be able to administer the love of God in a time of crisis. That’s when people need it the most. If you can’t rely on the church that is representing God, then who can you turn to? So if the church doesn’t understand how to deal with a crisis within themselves, how can they help anybody else?”

Glenn Barth

President of GoodCities, Eden Prairie Minnesota

Congratulations! Your perseverance in the CEN mission has made our nation's cities more prepared for times when disaster strikes. It's hard to believe it's been ten years. Keep up the good work!"

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