What leaders and pastors are saying.

As the times become more challenging, God’s people unite and work together as in the days of Nehemiah to rebuild the city.

Dr. Kelafo Collie


Hurricane Irene 2011

“Thanks for the CEN network…  We have individual churches and believers taking action…We however have a plan that is being developed to be able to minister. We are ready to have teams to minister….  those who attended and heeded the ReadyChristian / ReadyChurch Training in June are prepared for the storm and then minister the practical love of God during recovery.”

Ken Hofstra

Ready Evangelical Free Church of Green Valley

Security Response, Pima County, Arizona

“EFCGV began a concentrated focus on safety and preparedness issues in mid-2009. The proliferation of church violence in our country and our location along a major corridor of drug smuggling activity were key reasons we formed our Security Committee. Our affiliation with CEN will help us go beyond the original scope of our plans and enable us to become a ReadyChurch.”

Daniel Geraci


Bastrop Fire, 2011

“Eighty or more churches volunteered to help meet the urgent needs of 1,000 homeless people resulting from a wildfire burning thousands of acres in a 24 hour time period because  the 80+ churches were already networked in biblical unity together through CEN’s ReadyAustin – Austin Disaster Relief Network. Many years of training, networking the body of Christ, and preparing with their supplies and volunteers who are biblically ready has positioned them to be ready to respond to this historic wildfire. All of this preparation allows the volunteers to give an answer for the Hope within them in word and deed during this event.”

Michael Boler


Indiana State Fair Collapse, 2011

“In past events like 911...I had a feeling of helplessness, but this time I knew what I was supposed to do. I went to my computer and sent a message to 27 others who had become ReadyChristians in the Indianapolis area. Then I tweeted a call to prayer for the State of Indiana which notified over 2500 Prayer Warriors to begin to pray for the victims and the first responders at the incident. I checked in with my accountability partner and began to monitor Twitter and Facebook for news and information. As a result of identifying specific needs, ReadyChristian volunteers stepped up to help build relationships with the area hospital chaplains. This one incident increased ReadyCity Indy to provide a strong biblical response to the crisis facing our state.”

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