Why Should We Become a ReadyChurch?

Biblical Unity. Networking Your Congregation.

By harnessing the existing gifts and expertise of leaders within your church you will be able to provide a complete and biblical response to emergencies of all kinds that will benefit your members as well as your community. ReadyChurch will help you discover the resources God has already placed in your church to respond together as a Christian community of churches in unity. God desires us to respond together in prayer, compassionate care and service that transform the heart of the afflicted. You may have never thought that the greatest resource the church has is itself in human and material terms. God has given us all we need to minister to those in need. Just like Nehemiah, our job is to wisely discover those resources, define our church and community needs, build unity and network with other churches in our community and then wisely forge a church emergency response that is complete - spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically. We are stronger together!

Survive and Thrive. Preparing yourself and families to help others.

First, Survive Yourself! Help your Family! Help Others - in that order. By assisting your congregation to learn this order of response you will help them become more resilient to face the uncertain times ahead. A church is resilient when it is made up of members who are aware, ready and there praying, caring for and sharing Christ with others in crisis. We actually recover quicker and stronger as Christians when we give our lives fully to helping others find Hope in the midst of crisis. If we send our congregation out to help others before they are ready themselves we do them a grave injustice. Help your church to Survive and Thrive!

Fulfill the Church’s Mission. Responding in Christ to expand His Kingdom.

The scriptures are clear; the church has a divine mission of seeking and assisting people to become fully mature in Christ. By praying before acting, compassionately caring in tangible ways for those in crisis both large and small, and sharing Hope found only in a personal relationship with Jesus, we become co-laborers with Christ in expanding His kingdom for all eternity. As the leader of your church, can you equip them to do anything less?

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