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Emergencies are guaranteed.

Whether the emergency is a large scale crisis such as a natural disaster or a smaller, personal one such as divorce or loss of a loved one, there WILL be emergencies in your church community. Scripture tells us in John 16:33 that we will have trouble in this world. But it doesn’t stop there…Jesus encourages us that we can have peace in those times of trouble if we are in Him. Having peace in those times of trouble, and even more importantly, being able to share that peace and hope with others in times of crisis is just as vital to our Christian walk as having the peace in the first place. Those who are in Christ demonstrate the peace and hope of Jesus when emergencies happen.  Does this describe your church? Using this principle and the steps of reconciliation and reconstruction outlined in the Book of Nehemiah, CEN has developed a step by step guide to walk your church through a process of developing Biblical Readiness to be able to share this hope in times of emergency.

It’s More Than Just Preparedness

Spiritual. Emotional. Mental. Physical. These are the four areas that are addressed in the ReadyChurch Training. We believe that a human is spirit, soul and body. For complete healing and restoration, all four areas need to be addressed. The Biblical Readiness standard, used as the measuring stick for ReadyChurch, incorporates these four areas into the overall preparedness and response process. ReadyChurch Training also walks you through the various response plans that are commonly used in developing preparedness measures for your Church. Some of these plans include: Emergency Operations Plan, Ministry Continuity Plan, Emergency Operations Center Plan, and Emergency Response Plan. CEN Advisors are available to walk you through a tailored experience of implementing these plans and applying the material in the training.

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