What people are saying about being Ready.


Alfred Garcia, Yuma, AZ

“CPR works. One of the transients who was staying here at the mission had passed out, hit his head with a nasty cut that was bleeding, no heartbeat, no breathing. I automatically jumped into position and by the grace of GOD, brought him back! He is recovering now in Yuma Regional Medical Center! THANK YOU JESUS!!! THANK YOU GOD for allowing me to be strengthened and calmed under pressure, to get the job done until ambulance showed up. I prayed in the name of JESUS! The whole time I was doing it! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!”

Michael Boler

“It was August 2011 and I was in my back yard cutting grass when the clouds came in quickly and it became dark and the wind began to blow extremely hard. I quickly put stuff away and went inside to check the weather. I turned on my computer and TV and saw a news report about the stage collapse.

In past events like 911...I had a feeling of helplessness, but this time I knew what I was supposed to do.

I went to my computer and sent a message to 27 others who had become ReadyChristians in the Indianapolis area. Then I tweeted a call to prayer for the State of Indiana which notified over 2500 Prayer Warriors to begin to pray for the victims and the first responders at the incident. I checked in with my accountability partner and began to monitor Twitter and Facebook for news and information.  As a result of identifying specific needs, ReadyChristian volunteers stepped up to help build relationships with the area hospital chaplains. This one incident increased ReadyCity Indy to provide a strong biblical response to the crisis facing our state.”

Steve Marr

“On September 11, 2001, I had an appointment with a client and stopped at a sandwich shop for lunch. The TV was on, and everyone was glued to the latest news coverage. A lady standing in front of me said, “This is just awful, awful, any of us could die at any minute!” I responded: “That’s why you need to be ready to meet the Lord with or without notice.” She replied, “What do you mean?”

Since I was biblically ready to take her fear and mental confusion head on, I was able to go through the steps to finding peace with God. I explained how she could have a personal relationship with Christ. She listened, took my small booklet, and allowed God to minister His peace during her own personal 9/11.”

Sherry Buresh

“Ben was a local volunteer who worked alongside one of our teams. He’d lost everything himself, but he didn’t care; he just wanted to help others. After spending the day with us caring for families, he pulled a volunteer (John) aside because he needed to talk to him. He told John that he loved working with us but needed to admit something that may change our mind on letting him be a part of our disaster team. He was reluctant to tell us because he really enjoyed working with us.

He told John that he was not a Christian; as a matter of fact, he was an atheist and always had been. He did not believe there was a God. As John talked to him and let him know we would not turn him away, the man started crying and said he had been having a strong feeling that he needed to go to a church. He said he didn’t understand “why”, because it was against his belief. He couldn’t understand the feeling because, to him, there was no God. John continued witnessing to him and telling him about God.

After a period of time, the man agreed to allow John to pray with him. The two ended up on their knees in prayer (right there in the middle of the disaster area), and through sobs, he prayed with John for salvation. Right then and there, he accepted God as his Lord and Savior!! John said they hugged and cried like two little babies. John told him through tears and a joyous laughter he now served and amazing God that, at times, works in mysterious ways. The man attended church that Sunday and is still following that path to this day.”

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