ReadyChristian Survey

Answer the following questions with either "yes" or "no"

1.       Do you know the top emergency threats or risks in your neighborhood?
2.       Do you have plans and resources in place to help you and your family recover spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically before, during and after a crisis?
3.       Do you have plans in place to help friends or neighbors be safe or recover in an emergency?
4.       Have you conducted an assessment to identify security concerns and potential risk factors in your neighborhood within the past year?
5.       Do you have plans in place for your home in case of a natural disaster or security incident?
6.       Have you practiced safety and security drills with your family for different types of incidents within the past year?
7.       Do you have a relationship with at least two other families to help each other in an emergency?
8.       Do you know how to share the Gospel message to bring hope and calm in a crisis?
9.       Do you have a strong church relationship in place to draw upon in an emergency?
10.   Do you believe you are prepared to first survive and then help others in any emergency?