Why Should You Become a ReadyChristian?

Network your own personal survival support team.

These are people who will give you the assurance they will be there with you when crisis comes- it is a matter of when not IF a crisis will come your way. Whether it is a family member, co-worker, or long-time friend, having a personal preparedness and response network where you know what each will do to help each other in response to a crisis in advance will help you and your family recover more quickly and stronger from unforeseen emergencies of all kinds.

Prepare yourself and your family comprehensively to be ready.

It is not enough for Christians to have a grab and go kit with them when a crisis strikes, they must also be resilient in other ways to best be able to help their families and others in times of need. Being ready spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically is important for the quickest and strongest form of recovery from any crisis

Respond Biblically to the emergency needs of others.

Christians have an answer for those in crisis that goes well beyond the moment and reaches all eternity. Through praying, caring and sharing the Hope found only in Christ, Christians are uniquely positioned to help others find triumph in the midst of tragedy.

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