Scott Krebill

Scott Krebill

Christian Emergency Network
Safety Security Officer ReadyMI
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Reach: Michigan

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Scott is the Director of Campus Safety at Spring Arbor University (SAU), and is the Director of Safety and Security for Jackson First Church of the Nazarene (JaxNaz). Scott has over 26 years of combined law enforcement and firefighting experience in Jackson, Michigan along with 17 years experience as a Field Death Investigator for the Jackson County Medical Examiner's Office. Scott received training and certification in the Suspicion Indicators Recognition & Assessment program (SIRA™), an innovative behavior detection and security interviewing program developed by the Israeli Security Agency (ISA). Based on this specialized training, Scott designed a church specific, proactive program that also includes the Christian values of hospitality and kindness. His system is used every day at SAU and has proved effective for over five years at JaxNaz. In addition to his position at SAU and JaxNaz, Scott consults with schools, businesses, churches, and works with insurance agencies. Scott holds a bachelor's degree in Management and Organizational Development from SAU, a certified Professional Emergency Manager through the Department of Homeland Security Division of the Michigan State Police, the Christian Emergency Network (CEN) Safety & Security Officer for the state of Michigan, and is a certified NRA firearms instructor. Scott currently resides in Parma Michigan with his wife and son.


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