Sandie Sangster

Christian Emergency Network
Pray-Care-Share Officer
Current Role: Prayer, Care, Share
Education: Worship
Reach: National, Flagstaff Arizona

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Sandie Sangster has served with the Christian Emergency Network since 2001 as Director of Inspiration. She believes that, “Worship woven into daily life provides Godly character necessary to survive any crisis”.


With over twenty-five years of experience leading worship, she adds a distinctively inspired worship style to those who share her heart for worship of the one and only God. She has experience leading small and large groups in prayerful praise and worship throughout America and several other countries. Her most memorable experience came when ministering in song while crossing the Sea of Galilee. Some say that as a recording artist and vocalist, her tender, instinctive approach to presenting music crosses many generations. Sandie is the vocalist of CEN’s Together We Will Stand music and scripture CD and author of the compatible devotional which guides those who are in crisis or walking with another who is hurting to find healing and spiritual victory. TWWS combines focusing on God's Word, listening to His music, and biblical principles that bring a transformation of heart, mind and soul. Sandie's inspirational short video is a Christian memorial to 911 with music and moving visual reminders. See links below.

Volunteer and Reach

Wisely investing the talents God has given her into the future of her family, and friends cultivated worldwide Sandie uses Romans 15:6 as a guide "Encourage one another to.... join together with one voice, giving praise and glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” is a daily challenge. Sandie and her husband, Paul, a retired radiologist and frequent consultant for CEN live in Arizona. They have four children and nine grandchildren.

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