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Transformational Giving: Radical Fundraising in Radical Times (DVD)

Mission Increase Foundation works with CEOs, board members and your fundraising staff to help you you’re your ministry, ReadyChurch or ReadyCity network through training and matching cash grants. The Mission Increase Transformational Giving principles are the foundation for the Finance Officer role in the CEN Ready Programs. Participants will receive biblically based training from Mission Increase which will help establish sound financial principles to strengthen your response in times of crisis.

These trainings directly support the ICS role of Finance Officer.

Training Title: Transformational Giving: Radical Fundraising in Radical Times

Seminar DVD

Great giving transforms - transforms the giver, the nonprofit, and the cause. Nonprofits experience tremendous pressure to raise money, but are seldom taught that the most effective fundraising happens when they engage in the practice of donor discipleship. Transformational Giving is a Biblical model which focuses on the personal growth of the giver rather than the dollar “transaction” of the donation. 
In this revolutionary DVD set, Rev. Eric Foley, Vice President of Mission Increase Foundation, outlines the foundational principles of Transformational Giving, including:

  • The three types of giving - Subtractional, Transactional, and Transformational.
  • The Ten Principles of Transformational Giving based on Biblical values.
  • How giving is tied to impactful involvement.
  • Why ROI - and the usual approach to stewardship - misses the boat.
  • How to build an organization-wide Transformational Giving system from scratch.

Learn how Transformational Giving can change your ministry by restoring the relationship between donors and nonprofits in a way God intends to bring about impact in His Kingdom.

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