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Transformation Giving Training (Webinar)

Mission Increase Foundation works with CEOs, board members and your fundraising staff to help you you’re your ministry, ReadyChurch or ReadyCity network through training and matching cash grants. The Mission Increase Transformational Giving principles are the foundation for the Finance Officer role in the CEN Ready Programs. Participants will receive biblically based training from Mission Increase which will help establish sound financial principles to strengthen your response in times of crisis.

These trainings directly support the ICS role of Finance Officer.

Training Title: Transformational Giving

Event Details:

At training events and in consultations with more than a thousand Christian ministries each year, we get questions:

  • Does Transformation Giving (TG) really work?
  • In this economy, can we really afford to abandon the fundraising methods we’ve been using to switch to TG?

These are great questions, and we look forward to exploring the answers with you in this free webinar hosted by Mission Increase Foundation. We will address the most frequently asked questions about Transformational Giving, an approach to fundraising chiefly concerned with comprehensively applying God’s Word to every aspect of our fundraising efforts.

Whether you are brand new to the concept of Transformational Giving or a seasoned TG veteran, you will find much to explore in this case study approach examining important questions about Transformation Giving, such as:

  • Does TG actually work? I agree with the Biblical foundation of TG, but can you show me examples of other organizations that are actually putting these principles into action?
  • What are some concrete steps I can take now to build my fundraising efforts on a TG foundation?
  • Isn’t TG really just a different name for what others call ‘friendraising’?
  • Can I really afford to practice TG principles in this economy?

This webinar is for Executive Directors, Directors of Development, Board members, donors, volunteers and anyone else connected to the fundraising efforts of your organization.

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