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Together We Will Stand Worship Experience

Together We Will Stand (TWWS) is an inspirational CD that will help people overcome the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical devastation of a disaster or personal crisis. Providing comfort through scripture and music to common questions that arise during a crisis. The TWWS CD is a worship experience with scripture, narration and music specifically designed to bring peace and comfort through hope in Jesus Christ to those in crisis. Christian music often speaks to the deepest part of the soul when words or even caring actions of others seem to fall short. Scripture aptly shared will never return void, bringing eternal Hope in the midst of despair. Invite God to prepare your mind and heart to receive His comfort and strengthen you as you or someones listens to the TWWS CD. Pray that the peace of God will direct your thoughts to focus on Him and not your situation. Ask Him to supply you with victory to turn this tragedy into triumph as you move step by step to spiritual victory.

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