2013-01-30 06:11



Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention

This training supports the role(s) of: Care Officer, Share Officer

In this course we first look at current baseline suicide facts & figures. A number of screening tools used to assess suicide risk are presented, and the most at-risk populations are discussed.

A number of crisis communication techniques and strategies are demonstrated and practiced as well as “curbside counseling” with people suffering from mental illness.

Because grief & bereavement issues are more complicated and protracted with families of one who has taken his/her own life, material is presented to help caregivers a better understanding & tools in working with those left behind.

Debriefing models will also be discussed for use following a suicide.

This seminar includes discussion, group exercises, and powerful video scenario vignettes as a part of the training. This course is a 5-6 contact hour class.


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