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Spiritual First Aid: Disaster Chaplain Guide

This product supports the role(s) of:  ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch, Care Officer

HDI is comprised of a college-wide interdisciplinary team of scholars and educators committed to helping underserved and vulnerable populations challenged by disasters and humanitarian crises.

This Disaster Chaplain Guide Covers:

Disaster chaplains should use this reference as a tool for addressing spiritual and emotional needs in the wake of a catastrophe. We must not neglect the mind and spirit by attending only to physical and material needs. Spiritual First Aid is not intended to be clinical in nature; rather, it focuses on the leadership responsibilities involved with preserving psychological and spiritual health in congregation and community members, as well as volunteers. Spiritual First Aid provides a foundation so disaster chaplains can understand the value of recognizing and addressing disaster-related spiritual and emotional issues and why this skill is so important to the well-being of congregation, community, and volunteer members. Read this publication and apply it in your ministry context. It is an important tool to help us strive for more resilient congregations and communities.


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