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Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes

Churches and ministries are increasingly finding themselves responding to emergencies large and small in their communities and congregations. Christian Emergency Network wants you to be ready! As part of the ReadyCity and ReadyChurch program, CEN has partnered with church safety and security organizations supporting CEN’s mission of Biblical Readiness while providing expertise in security planning, operations, and response.

This product supports the ICS role of Safety & Security Officer.

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Unfortunately, this contemporary, violent event is occurring in our workplaces and schools with catastrophic results. The Center for Personal Protection and Safety is proud to announce the release of an instructional DVD and training program designed to empower people with knowledge and strategies for preventing and surviving an active shooter situation.
“Shots Fired – When Lightning Strikes” provides the individual employee, staff member and/or associate with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation.

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