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Safe at Church

Churches and ministries are increasingly finding themselves responding to emergencies large and small in their communities and congregations. Christian Emergency Network wants you to be ready! As part of the ReadyCity and ReadyChurch program, CEN has partnered with church safety and security organizations supporting CEN’s mission of Biblical Readiness while providing expertise in security planning, operations, and response.

This training supports the ICS role of Safety & Security Officer.

Training Information:

Name of Training: Church Safety Seminar

Our seminar focuses on the acts of violence that occur on church property and steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of violence on your church property.

The seminar will include:

  1. The FACTS about church violence
  2. The scriptural justification of protecting the flock
  3. The MEASURES you can take to protect your flock

One of the major problems in church is the protection of children while at church – or away on church-sponsored activities. MINISTRY SAFE is the source we prefer when giving this presentation. They are an excellent resource for learning how to protect children while at church, daycare, etc. they will often travel with us if their schedule permits.

Officer Jimmy Meeks will then cover THE SEVEN LINES OF DEFENSE. Here a detailed plan of how to decrease crimes against your congregation is taught. Many other topics are covered in this presentation, also, including, but not limited to…Dealing with suspicious people, church security policy, protecting children, unruly people in church, when to call police, guns in churches…and much more…

What is the Cost?  The cost depends on how far we have to travel.

What is the time frame for the seminar?  It depends on whether you want a full day seminar or a half-day. The full day is about 7 hours; the half day is a little over 3 hours.


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