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2016-10-24 08:57



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ReadyChurch | Exercise | Is Your Church Ready?

Evaluating the effectiveness of your current program is essential to knowing how Biblically Ready you really are. Making sure volunteers know what to do and finding any areas that can be improved are vital to the success of your ReadyChurch’s Biblical Response. We recommend doing this evaluation through a series of questions and scenarios known as a “table top exercise.” Through these exercises, Is Your Church Ready to Respond will help…

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of your leaders
  • Reinforce knowledge of procedures, facilities, systems and equipment
  • Improve individual performance as well as organizational coordination and communications
  • Evaluate policies, plans, procedures and the knowledge and skills of your emergency team members
  • Reveal weaknesses and resource gaps
  • Comply with local laws, codes and regulations
  • Gain recognition for the emergency management and ministry continuity program
  • Introduce a tabletop exercise

Included In This Training

  • Training Content
  • Response Checklist
  • Table Top Exercise Scenario #3


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