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2016-11-03 10:06


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Preparedness Foundations

Over the next 9 weeks, we will discover what God’s thoughts are regarding preparedness as well as teaching, planning, and executing practical steps to ensure you and your family are well prepared to handle any disasters that may come your way.

We understand the thought processes behind preparedness can be overwhelming at times, but we are here to remind and encourage you through the process to achieve greater levels of preparedness. The good news is that we have been learning and taking practical steps over the past few years, and want to share our experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the different elements you will face. We hope this class will build peace and confidence in you to weather the many different disasters that could potentially affect your family.

We know that everyone taking this class may already be at different levels of preparedness. Some people may be brand new to the idea, and others may have even more experience than we do on different subject matters. Our hope for this class is that it becomes more than a training or emergency course, but it becomes a helpful way for you to connect with other people of like minds and faith in your community helping to establish a network to assist others in their time of need.

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