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Pandemic Survival Kit DVD

Global Net Productions, an award winning production company, and Christian Emergency Network, equipping Christians to be ready for any crisis, have partnered together to provide videos and resources to use in preparing yourself, your family, your church or your community to be ready in any given situation. The partnership provides additional resources for you use to be ready to pray, care and share with others the answer to the hope that we have in Christ.

Michael Lienau, CEO and founder of Global Net Productions, has developed the Pandemic DVD to meet the preparedness needs of ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch and ReadyCity participants.

Product Information:

Name: Pandemic Survival Kit DVD

“What You Need to Know”

A pandemic can strike without warning…to dramatically affect your life and challenge your survival skills. How should you prepare yourself, your family and your workplace for such an event? Combat fear and media hype with the information you need to know – before, during and after a pandemic crisis.


  • How to identify a developing pandemic outbreak
  • Historical pandemics and their destruction
  • Government health officials and other disaster experts
  • Becoming a disaster education resource for family, neighbors, church, workplace and community

A leader in disaster education and preparedness training media, Global Net Productions researched and developed this program to include up-to-date pandemic preparedness and survival techniques. By incorporating the expert knowledge of local, state and federal disaster officials, the Pandemic Survival Kit DVD effectively educates families, businesses and communities to prepare for the next pandemic outbreak.

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