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On the Brink Sermon Series

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This sermon series addresses the idea of Biblical Readiness in the end times. This four part series addresses:

Sermon 1: On the Brink

What the does the bible say about end times? What role does Israel play in in the world? What is the Churches role in society today? These are just a few of the questions Steve answers in this revealing message of hope.

Sermon 2: When Jesus Comes

Steve jumps back in time in what the Bible says about the last days and how it applies to our modern society. Technology, economic change, world government and historical accounts are just some of the things Steve touches on. Is it doom and gloom or is there hope? How will it happen and what is the responsibility of the Church? This message will be life changing and will also give you some of the tools you need to be a servant in your community.

Sermon 3: Meet Us at the Cross

Is it just a set of isolated events or is there a connection between the current events today? Steve continues to take a look at historical world events from a Biblical perspective. Find out who holds the world's master plan and what simple steps you can take to be part of the plan. Find more in life and open God's word for 10,000 reasons for your heart to find.

Sermon 4: The Coming King

Steve concludes the "On the Brink" series with some key action steps for us as Christians as we await Jesus return. He also unpacks some unique biblical stories that we can all identify with.


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