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Meet the Need



When collaborating to meet the needs of those in your church and community, most Christians will resort to using pen, paper, phone calls and emails. Meet The Need is a free, collaboration software that will enable you to collaborate online and increase your reach and effectiveness in helping meet others’ needs.

Meet the Need helps fulfill the Logistics role of the Church Emergency Team by allowing ease of use in coordinating logistical needs for response.

This service allows you to:

  • Do More to Serve Your Community with Very Little Additional Staff Time and Effort
  • See the Impact You’re Having in the Community on Your Private “Dashboard”
  • Recruit Volunteers for Your Organization’s Internal and Outreach Needs
  • Get the Resources Your Organization Needs from Local Individuals, Companies or other Churches and Ministries
  • Grow Your Church or Ministry
  • Stay in Touch Easily with Those You’ve Helping in the Past or Those Who’ve Contributed Time or Resources to Your Organization
  • Seamlessly Partner with other Local Christian Organizations, Thereby Uniting the Body of Christ
  • Run Bigger Outreach Events Using a Highly-Efficient System for Obtaining and Coordinating Volunteers and Resources

Meet The Need brings a Fortune 500 caliber solution to unite and mobilize the body of Christ to serve those in need. As a 501(c)3 Meet The Need gives this all away.  Meet The Need's heart is simply to see churches and ministries having a bigger impact in their communities and around the world.
Your church or ministry should join Meet The Need to connect to the vast network of churches and ministries nationwide who want to assist when disaster strikes or may need help when emergencies impact them.

With year-round connection capabilities and value added to churches and charities, there is no transition required to coordinate when disaster strikes. 

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