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Lighting The Way (book)

Praying and sensitively caring for non-believing family and friends, or even someone you meet for the first time that may be in pain and suffering during a crisis may seem daunting! Yet, God has called us to be “Light” in the midst of darkness and “Hope” in the midst of hopelessness. 

The time to learn the basics of pray-care-share response to any crisis is not when it happens, but well before. What we do and say during any crisis is based upon the habits we have built into our daily lives prior to being called upon “in” an emergency when others are confused and in shock. It is not a matter of “if” we will be asked to minister to someone in crisis, it is a matter of “when”. Lighting the Way helps you prepare in advance how to respond effectively.

The Lighting the Way guidebook provides the steps to sharing one’s faith in relational ways critical to a biblical response in crisis. The guidebook is complete including a simple easy-to-manage lay-leader manual, daily and weekly Sunday school class lessons, and action steps for small groups to grow together. Or, Lighting the Way may be used by Christians who want an independent study to do at their own pace. Designed to assist the Share Officer role within CEN’s ReadyChurch and ReadyCity programs, Lighting the Way will help those you lead to share their faith no matter what the situation.

National conference speaker, radio broadcaster, Founder and Chairman of Christian Emergency Network, Lighting the Way author Mary Marr equips Christians to be ready to give an answer when those living in darkness ask: “Where is God in this?”

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For more information about Lighting the Way, contact Mike Marshall at: mike.marshall@christianemergencynetwork.org.

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