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Humanitarian Disaster Institute

This training supports the role(s) of:  ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch, Care Officer, Share Officer, Admin Officer

HDI is comprised of a college-wide interdisciplinary team of scholars and educators committed to helping underserved and vulnerable populations challenged by disasters and humanitarian crises.

Training and Education

Part of HDI’s mission is to help prepare those already in the field engaged in disaster and humanitarian work as well as the next generation of Christian relief and development advocates and professionals.

Lecture Series

HDI offers a wide range of lecture series available to Wheaton College students and community members. Examples of lecture offerings include panel discussions on disasters and mass traumas, as well as global relief and development. HDI also works with other campus centers and organizations to co-host lecture events that foster interdisciplinary and liberal arts dialogue related to HDI's mission.


HDI regularly offer daylong continuing education seminars that address a wide-range of disaster and humanitarian challenges, including: complex trauma, disaster mental health, church preparedness, spiritual and emotional care, and humanitarian best practices. Seminars are developed to meet the unique needs of professionals in the field, as well as develop offerings to enhance student, volunteer, and community awareness and competence.


The Humanitarian Disaster Institute would like to invite faith and community leaders, along with others interested in church-focused disaster preparedness, to the Disaster Leadership Workshop being held at Wheaton College on June 4-8, 2013. This workshop will lead to a Certificate of Completion. The primary aim of this workshop is to equip pastors and church leaders to be able to lead their congregations in developing effective disaster ministries. Workshop participants will learn: how churches can make their members and communities more disaster resilient; the theology behind church engagement in disasters; specific plans, programs, and resources to help your church become disaster ready; global models of church-based disaster resilience, and much more.


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