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Emotional & Spiritual Care in Disaster Operations

This training supports the role(s) of: Prayer Officer, Care Officer, Share Officer

The purpose of this advanced level course is to enhance the skills of clergy, chaplains, mental health professionals, and trained crisis responders to provide effective emotional and spiritual care (ESC) to meet the disaster-related needs of disaster responders and disaster affected families and individuals within disaster operations. This course builds on the crisis intervention principles taught in the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) core courses to effectively integrate these principles within ESC teams for appropriate care throughout the disaster continuum from the immediate to long-term recovery process. This course examines the unique ministry The Salvation Army offers during a disaster event and identifies appropriate spiritual care support techniques for traumatized disaster survivor.

Who Should Take This Course: Targeted participants will be trained clergy, chaplains, mental health professionals, and CISM trained crisis responders who desire to enhance their skills in providing ESC to survivors of disaster and trauma.

Prerequisites: Intro to Emergency Disaster Services

Prerequisites: Incident Command System


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