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Church Safety and Security Kit

Churches and ministries are increasingly finding themselves responding to emergencies large and small in their communities and congregations. Christian Emergency Network wants you to be ready! As part of the ReadyCity and ReadyChurch program, CEN has partnered with church safety and security organizations supporting CEN’s mission of Biblical Readiness while providing expertise in security planning, operations, and response.

This product supports the ICS role of Safety & Security Officer.

Product Information:

The Church Safety and Security Kit

Every church needs a safety and security ministry

  • A child is taken from a Sunday school class by her non-custodial parent.
  • A church secretary is beaten during a robbery at the church office.
  • A woman suffers a heart attack during a church funeral service.

When you hear of such tragedies, do you wonder what would happen if the same thing occurred at your church?


The Church Safety and Security Video and Guidebook

Created specifically for churches, this easy-to-use video and guidebook is an essential tool for anyone who wants to make church a safer place. This step-by-step training video and manual offers real-life examples, expert advice and practical instructions you can use in your church today.

Featured resources include:

Training scenarios:  Rehearse how you would respond to emergency situations. Use the 12 scenarios to develop "What-if" questions, response procedures and training excersises for volunteers.

Sample Policy:  Learn about the function of a safety and security team, its composition and its responsibilities. Use the sample policy as a guide for creating your own policies and procedures.

Sample Plan:  Find detailed examples of how to responsd to security and safety issues in a church. Use this 40-page sample as a guide for creating your ministry's safety and security plan.

Sample Checklists, Applications and Forms:  Assess your risks and create a plan with confidence, using more than 20 sample documents as your guide.

The Church Safety and Security Video and Guide Book gives you practical help with a ministry focus.

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