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Chaplain Training

Victim Relief Ministries has partnered with the Christian Emergency Network to provide sound biblical readiness training for the Share Officer role of the ReadyChurch and ReadyCity programs. Victim Relief Ministries provide the Share Officer, who is responsible for developing the outreach related activities of the Emergency Operations Plan. More than chaplaincy training Victim Relief Ministries training instructs in assimilating seekers in crisis and insures the overall faith-sharing response is celebrated within the local church or city network.

The vision of Victim Relief is to be a source of hope, comfort and healing for those who have been wounded by the actions of others through crime and disaster. To respond with prayer and leadership through a lifestyle of faith, compassion and love for survivors, whoever and wherever they may be – that is the heart of the VRM training.  

Key principles in Victim Relief training include:

  • Prayer – Prayer first with a motto of “prayed up, mission ready”.
  • Leadership – Jesus is the head of this organization. We look to Him for wisdom, direction and resources.
  • Purpose – All activity begins and ends with meeting victim needs and exhibiting the love of Christ.
  • Method – Volunteers are driven by faith, compassion and love.

Victim Relief disaster response services include: CISM debriefings/PFA for victims or first responders, immediate crisis intervention with victims in the shelters or at the location of the disaster, chaplaincy and whatever is needed in the moment of trauma. Their role is to provide emotional and spiritual care to victims or other service providers as needed in crisis response.

For more information on receiving training from Victim Relief, visit their website.

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