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2016-10-24 09:14



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CEN Safety Security Officer Training Introduction

Welcome to the CEN Safety and Security network a vital part of the Christian Emergency Network!

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” Psalm 127:1

Christians are waking up each day to news reports where their safety and security are being compromised at an unprecedented rate. There has always been a unique ministry role for Christian security professionals in churches, ministries, and the Christian community at large, however, in our uncertain world today the need for trusted security information, strong law enforcement relationships, and for sound biblical incident mitigation is gravely apparent. Who can I trust? Where can I get timely accurate information to keep my church and family safe? How can we be a welcoming place while at the same time put plans in place to protect our congregation? These are common questions asked today. It takes a heart for ministry and security expertise to answer those questions. 


CEN helps identify and equip trusted Christian security professionals to advance biblical resilience, enhance protection, and support their Christian community during incident mitigation.


  • Collaborates with Christian security professionals based on doctrinal agreement.
  • Cooperates with federal, state and local law enforcement and emergency management while keeping the interests of the Christian community paramount. 
  • Assesses the safety and security needs of their church, ministry, or state or city network.
  • Educates churches, ministries, and the local Christian community to be aware of risks, to be prepared to survive helping others, and to share the Hope of Christ in any emergency large or small. 


Qualification (process takes approximately two weeks)

  • Complete CEN Profile: My ACCOUNT 
  • Complete CEN Advisor Readiness Project Webinar
  • Complete CEN SSO Intro Webinar
  • Read CEN SSO Roles and Responsibilities  
  • Submit CEN SSO Application

Completion Checklist

  • Submit CEN SSO Communications, Operations and Training Checklist

Get Started:

Download the training package by clicking on "Add to Cart", Please read the "Getting Started Instructions" first before proceeding with the training.  The video password will be included in this Getting Started Intructions as well.


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