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CEN Advisor Training

A CEN Advisor is a seasoned Christian expert who is able to recommend the right resource at the right time based on a local church, ministry, or citywide network zip-code-based emergency, plan and capacity to biblically respond.  They assist in uniting Christian volunteers, community leaders and emergency professionals in equipping The Church to be aware and ready to respond in emergencies large and small. 

*password included in download

  • A CEN Advisor is familiar with the process to sign up a ReadyChurch or ReadyCity and will  guide local Christian leaders to make a commitment to readiness.
  • A CEN Advisor is familiar with CEN and preferred provider training, products, and services (CEN Resources online) to guide Christian leaders in  local, state and national readiness resources.
  • A CEN Advisor may be a trainer with expertise which fits the CEN mission, a product supplier, or a service provider. A CEN Advisor is responsible for delivering training or service which is financially beneficial to him/her.
  • A CEN Advisor will have access to leads, resources, marketing tools and a network of other CEN Advisors.
  • A CEN Advisor is familiar with the process to create a new CEN resource and establish an MOU with a preferred provider.
  • A CEN Advisor adheres to the CEN Advisor Covenant and Statement of Faith..

Becoming a CEN Advisor

  • Dowload the Training by clicking on "Add to Cart" on the left hand side.
  • Watch Discover CEN | Readiness Project Webinar (passcode is in the training download)
  • Sign the Advisor Covenant, Statement of Faith
  • Complete One-hour Intro/Q/A Coaching Session
  • Provide Advisor training, product or service marketing plan/financial terms (MOU)
  • Create Business Cards, Email, Bio, Landing Pages and other communication elements
  • Maintain Fifteen minute coaching update sessions per month (phone/email)

Included Documents

  • Readiness Project | Video | Presenter Mike Marshall
  • CEN Advisor | MOU/Covenant v3.1
  • CEN Advisor | Developing a CEN Resource and MOU
  • CEN Advisor | Profile Builder (In Development)
  • CEN Advisor | Training PowerPoint
  • CEN Advisor | Advisor Business Model
  • Collateral | ReadyFlyer Web Version
  • Collateral | ReadyFlyer Print Version
  • Collateral | Community In Need Graphic
  • Collateral | Commitment Sript Guidelines
  • Collateral | Phone Script Guidelines


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