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Business Survival Kit DVD

Global Net Productions, an award winning production company, and Christian Emergency Network, equipping Christians to be ready for any crisis, have partnered together to provide videos and resources to use in preparing yourself, your family, your church or your community to be ready in any given situation. The partnership provides additional resources for you use to be ready to pray, care and share with others the answer to the hope that we have in Christ.

Michael Lienau, CEO and founder of Global Net Productions, has developed the Business Survival Kit DVD to meet the preparedness needs of ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch and ReadyCity participants.

Product Information:

Name: Business Survival Kit DVD

2 Video Set:


PLUS Disaster Planning Toolkit CD

Earthquakes…terrorist attacks…fires…floods…storms…even power outages can affect and permanently alter your business. How should your company prepare for such an event? Can you afford not to prepare?

Discover how different small and large businesses survived the potentially catastrophic event of the 2001 Seattle earthquake and lessons learned following a devastating fire. Learn from these successes and failures so you can protect your own people, buildings and business – no matter the disaster.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the hazards to your business
  • Plan for and reduce the impact of disaster
  • Protect your employees, facilities, and contents
  • Choose the correct insurance and proper disaster supplies
  • Evacuate and communicate with employees during an event
  • Ensure business continuity after disaster strikes and prevent significant
business loss

Bonus Materials Include:

“Living with Risk: Earthquakes in America” (27 min.)

The United States has not experienced “The Big One” in recent times, so where do scientists expect it to occur, and what would be the consequences? This video answers those questions and reveals how earthquakes are a national concern – not just a West Coast problem. Just as terrorism could strike anywhere, anytime, so a major earthquake could disrupt our national security and severely damage our economy and way of life.

Disaster Planning Toolkit

A downloadable resource with emergency checklists and customizable worksheets from the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS). A great value for small, medium, and large businesses; emergency management and fire departments, insurance companies, chambers of commerce and other business organizations.

DVD & CD Toolkit  $299.95 - $99.95

Download $69.95

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