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Bridging the Gap - Faith and Government

For Our City bridges the gap between the Faith Community and Government Agencies.

For Our City provides a "step by step" relational and transformation process that becomes a catalyst for constructive cooperation and change at community grassroots levels. For Our City training is designed to assist the ReadyChurch to become effective and active in faith and government networking within their community. It may also be used when multiple churches and the Christian community desires to become an effective ReadyCity.

For Our City will train participants to creatively and practically coordinate “service needs” within their city with “service resources of non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, employers, businesses, and others for emergency preparedness, collaborative volunteer response. For Our City equips in the best practices of community wide collaboration. The training application also provides a bridge for the ReadyChurch to reach out to the community to serve with the multi-sector collaboration of faith, government, private and public sectors. An additional benefit – For Our City educates in best practices to mitigate any issues regarding “separation of church and state” and positively providing a pathway for the church and state can serve together.

For Our City provides the process for collaborative work for a ReadyCity to be able to effectively prepare their community to respond and be the answer in times of crisis.

Topics Covered in This Training:

  • Individual Preparation
  • Program Preparation
  • Initial Involvement – Building a Team
  • Introduction to For Our City
  • Process of Events
  • Forming a Task Force
  • Project Sustainability and Transition
  • Benchmarks for Success

The self-guided training manual can be downloaded for $200. For those wishing to have someone provide you with personalized training of the manual contents, Personal training is available upon request.  For more information, see or contact Jon McHatton at (480) 332-9139 or

More information about Jon McHatton, the For Our City Trainer

Jonathan McHatton has been active in ministry for over 35 years. In addition to pastoring for over 30 years, Jonathan has been in Community networking and ministry for over 29 years. Through this extensive experience he established For Our City, which is a strategic opportunity for Civic and Faith leaders to collaborate for community transformation as well as developed this For Our City Training which has been implemented in ten cities and continues to grow and affect communities.

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