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Assist News Service

ASSIST News Service, a well respected global leader in Christian media and Christian Emergency Network equipping Christians to be ready for any crisis have partnered together to communicate a biblical worldview in times of adversity. The partnership calls Christians to be Biblically Ready to respond to disasters large and small through praying, caring and sharing with others the hope we have in Christ Jesus in the midst of hopelessness nationally and around the world.

ASSIST News Service focuses on stories or daily events providing a timely view of the state of the Christian church including the persecuted church worldwide. ASSIST News Service is an international ministry started in 1996 by journalist and author, Dan Wooding and his wife, Norma, as a way to help Christians living under difficult circumstances to share the Gospel with those who do not know Christ.

Supporting the Public Information Officer role of the Incident Command System found within the CEN ReadyChurch and ReadyCity readiness programs ASSIST and CEN partner together during an incident to bring you timely actionable information, prayer prompts and stories on Christians responding biblically to emergencies of all kinds.

You may sign up for a free subscription to the ASSIST News Service by contacting Dan Wooding via email at Make sure to let him know that you are contacting him through CEN and remember to include your name and email address to receive the email subscription.

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