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Administrator Officer Training (Basic)

Christian Emergency Network’s Basic Administrator Training is designed for leaders with the gifts and graces of a biblical Administrator of a ReadyChurch, ReadyCity, or ReadyMinistry who want to understand their unique role, service and responsibilities to insure the mission and vision is accomplished. The training also explains how each Admin responsibility integrates into the overall leadership structure of the local, state and national CEN Readiness Project. Upon completion of this training, the Administrator will be prepared to engage in Administrative emergency readiness and response activities within their churches, ministries and their community.

The course is recommended for those who are:

  1. Prayerfully considering the Admin role in their church, city or ministry
  2. Seeking a better understanding of the skills needed for the role of an Admin
  3. Fulfilling the requirements for Admin within the ReadyChurch or ReadyCity programs

The training is available in on-site, webinar, or online pre-recorded training formats. The initial 60-minute training, with the exception of on-site training, is included in the cost of the ReadyChurch and ReadyCity download. For on-site training contact Mary Marr, CEN’s National Administrative Officer, at: mary.marr@christianemergencynetwork.org to discuss further details. 

Topics Covered Include:

  • Admin Role
  • Having a Biblical Readiness Lifestyle
  • Reasons the Admin position is needed
  • Biblical Role of an Administrator
  • Using the Team Model
  • Admin Benchmarks
  • Networking
  • Preparing
  • Responding
  • Tools available to the Admin
  • National Emergency Team Support


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