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Active Shooter Response and Recovery

Churches and ministries are increasingly finding themselves responding to emergencies large and small in their communities and congregations. Christian Emergency Network wants you to be ready! As part of the ReadyCity and ReadyChurch program, CEN has partnered with church safety and security organizations supporting CEN’s mission of Biblical Readiness while providing expertise in security planning, operations, and response.

This training supports the ICS role of Safety & Security Officer.

Training Information:

While the odds of being involved in an active shooter event are remote, the impact when it does occur is so extreme that more and more organizations are recognizing the need to develop active shooter response plans and policies, and to train their personnel for this possibility.  The Active Shooter Seminar is designed to provide you with best practices on how to prevent and, if necessary, how to respond to an active shooter situation in your workplace or university.   

This seminar covers readiness, response, and recovery from the corporate, college/university, and law enforcement perspectives.  It will focus on the behavior of active shooters and the pathway to violence.  It will also address threat assessment, dealing with the at-risk employee/student, and the impact of intimate partner violence on the workplace.


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