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 Invite your Christian family members, friends, neighbors, church body, and workmates to register at CEN to benefit from receiving Christian preparedness and response information, training, and a biblical worldview perspective on today's crisis and disaster events. You will all learn the importance of "being there" for others in their crisis situations. You will witness God using you in others' lives - even to the extent of bringing some non-believers to a point of salvation. Below are some ways you can start to help build the network.

To make it easy for you, here's a paragraph you could copy and email to them:

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As uncertain as the current world situation is, I invite you to register at Christian Emergency Network (CEN) to receive CEN alerts and advisories and to become "ready" to respond to crisis events of any kind and size...beginning with your family, church and local Christian community. Become a ReadyChristian; be sure your church is a ReadyChurch; and help start or participate in your local ReadyCity program to help rally and train the Church to be to see crisis and disaster as opportunities to reach lost souls for Christ in these last days.

Register to become part of the CEN national network and start by taking the Biblical Readiness Test to determine the current state of readiness in your family, church or city. You won't get a lot of email to clutter your inbox. You'll be instantly connected to important Christian news and information that impacts your life and faith when it is needed the most. Sign up by going to


Also, include a sign-up invitation in your own automated personal email signature, so every time you send a message you're making people aware of CEN. Here's a suggested line:

John Doe
City Outreach

Become aware, ready and respond like Jesus would to those in crisis.

Help your website visitors prepare to be for the next national crisis by putting the CEN logo on your homepage and link it to...