Victim Relief Alert - Deployment

To: VRM Disaster and Crisis Response Core Leadership Team

From: Chaplain Edward Smith

VRM Deputy Executive Director/Director of Disaster Response Situation-

Tropical Storm Alex is headed into Northern Mexico and will create a major flooding event in South Texas. Texas State Guard Units will be deploying out at 0600 on Monday Morning. Texas Baptist Men have been activated and will move out on Tuesday morning. Per Gary Smith to Gene Grounds they are requesting at least 1 VRM chaplain to deploy and serve with them. If you are a chaplain and available please notify me or Gene Grounds direct. I am still currently on the road (California) and am returning on Tuesday. Chaplain Joe Dowell is maintaining contact with the VRM Rapid Response team members.

Deployment opportunities will exist inside Texas Baptist Men, VRM Shelter/Mass Care Operations and with Baylor Children Family Services. Gene Grounds will be in the office tomorrow activating our Incident Command and VRM Ops Center and will be on the call. This is the beginning of the storm season and we need to start preparing to deploy and serve.

Pray for the people of Mexico and South Texas, Pray for Emergency Preparedness and Response and Pray for your role to journey, respond, impact and serve thru VRM!

Blessings and more details to follow. Edward