Tornadoes 2011 - Respond

As the President declares a state of emergency in multiple states in the South and Ohio Valley region of the U.S. today, Christian responders are packing up supplies to share the Gospel in word and deed. Christians in the affected areas are praying for strength to shine their light! Christian organizations are overwhelmed and in many cases unable to have entry to assess the vast amount of damage.

Just hours ago our nation implemented a national drill simulating earthquake response, even while an actual emergency is taking place in the Central/Ohio Valley region bringing the reality of the drill home to many families.

There is a shaking going on of biblical proportions. This is a time for Christians nationally to work together, just like Nehemiah, to rebuild the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical walls of our nation. Praying, caring and sharing Christ will have an eternal impact long after the media lights go onto other stories.

Christian responders and believers in the affected areas need your help and CEN is there ready to assist you to do just that! Will you help?

Whether you are in a state directly affected, know someone who lives in a state affected or are moved by God to pray and support those affected take the following response steps.


How to Respond.

  1. Join one or more of the Tornado CEN Response Groups by state:
Tennessee | North Carolina | Arkansas | Kentucky | Virginia | Mississippi | Alabama | more
  1. Post needs and response.
  2. Post local response videos and pictures.

CEN advisories on the response and recovery efforts will continue along with prayer prompts posted in your (State) Response Group. Your (State) Response group can help you respond at the greatest point of need.  Please pray now God’s light and hope will shine through His people during the tragedies now being faced across our nation. 

CEN stands ready to support you as you lift others into the arms of Jesus.