Tornado Prayer Alert

As 12 states have been on high alert today, 12 tornadoes have been reported throughout states in the U.S. Midwest with widespread damage. With a population of 1900, Marysville, Indiana residents reported the entire town “is completely gone.” Emergency management has yet to confirm this report.

Officials are tracking storms in Henryville just 20 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.  Tornado warnings are still in effect for Southern Kentucky and Lexington now.  Storms are rotating and continuing tonight.

Two tornadoes have also been reported in Harrisburg, Alabama in a new round of storms threatening the southern and central U.S. The National Weather Service is now warning the system could produce strong long track tornadoes over central and southern Indiana, south and western Ohio, Kentucky and northern Tennessee. Earlier this week 13 people were killed in tornadoes in the Midwest.

While the extent of the Midwest tornado devastation is still not completely known at this time.  Warnings went into effect earlier today in all 12 states and widespread damage reports continue to flow in.

Pray: CEN calls on Christians to go to CEN’s Midwest Tornado 2012 Response group online and begin to pray for survivors, for first responders, and for those who are ministering to all affected by this disaster.

Update your CEN profile: After you log in search for friends online who are in the devastated areas or surrounding areas and offer to assist. Insure your My CEN profile is current so that people who are seeking assistance may locate you.

Be aware: CEN urges you to check frequently for updated prayer prompts, how you can assist and share the Hope of Christ in this unfolding incident.

As a ReadyChristian, insure you are able to biblically respond to emergencies, like these whether large or small.

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