September 2007 - Fourth Annual National Preparedness Month

CEN partners and the U.S. Depart of Homeland Security again sponsor the fourth annual National Preparedness Month.

"It is vital that Americans take steps to prepare for emergencies at home, work or school," says Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. "Personal preparedness is paramount to effectively reacting to the effects of a disaster. By preparing yourself, your family, and your businesses, you allow first responders to prioritize efforts and aid."

Specifically, CEN targets the Christian media and church sectors by providing:

Preparedness Press Releases & Commentaries

  • Interview Spokespersons
  • Public Service Announcements
  • On-Air Preparedness Month Talking Points
  • "Get Ready" Sermon Series / Handouts
  • Church Preparedness Training Online Seminars\
  • Online "Readiness" Checklists
  • Worship Preparedness & Recovery Resources

"Homeland Security, FEMA and many other key organizations responsible for disaster response recognize the value and necessity of working alongside CEN ministry partners during crisis events," states CEN Founder/Chairman Mary Marr in response to a recent Homeland Security Institute report on the successes of faith-based operations during recent hurricane events.

Marr continues, "The location, skills, training, and pure numbers of Christians ready and able to assist disaster victims don't go unnoticed. This is my heartbeat - to rally Christians to be ready spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally with the gospel message for open hearts that crisis brings forth."

[Get involved] as a "ready" Christian. At you'll find instructions for you, your family, church, and other connections...AND you'll be updated with stories of praying-caring-sharing Christians who are effectively involved with disaster response.