ReadyIndy Engages in National Preparedness Month

ReadyIndy was founded in September 2010 because a small group of Christians found themselves responding to an incident and wondering, “How could we do this better next time?”  

Currently, ReadyINDY is a group of pastors, leaders, and other individual Christians who are: 'Trained to be aware of what God is doing, Prepared to survive & support others, Ready to pray, care & give hope to those in crisis’. ReadyINDY's mission is to raise up ReadyChristians & ReadyChurches in order to better become a ReadyCity.   

During citywide emergencies, ReadyIndy facilitates the Christian community in working together with disaster response agencies in an accelerated compassionate locally driven response. ReadyIndy equips Christians a citywide emergency response through expediting communications, forming church partnerships, and providing training in best practices for biblical readiness and response.

To help them reach this mission, ReadyIndy will be hosting a Readiness Drill with Metro-area churches on September 1st in honor of National Preparedness Month. This drill is designed to test two-way communication capabilities between churches and ministries throughout the 9-county metro area and assist churches setting up emergency teams. According to Neil Cox, ReadyIndy PIO, “Churches are also encouraged to use the month of September to review their readiness plans, and celebrate the work of first-responders, emergency workers and disaster-relief volunteers from the past year.” The purpose of the event is to celebrate the successes and plan for the future.

For more information about the Readiness Drill, see their Press Release or visit their information page.

To speak with someone regarding ReadyIndy, please contact ReadyIndy Admin, Mike Boler at 317-332-3838.

To find out how you can get involved with ReadyIndy, visit their website

For more information regarding starting a ReadyChurch or ReadyCity in your community, contact one of CEN’s Church Advisors.