ReadyChurch has started in ReadyIndy!

Engaging Christians in ReadyChurch and ReadyIndy is varied which demonstrates first hand the different paths which may be taken to engage churches, communities and Christians in the biblical readiness to respond process.

One church had been interested in a way to build preparedness into their congregation and CEN’s ReadyChurch provided the platform for them. Another ReadyChurch engaged with ReadyIndy because of their response to the Henrysville tornadoes.

As a result of the tornadoes in Henrysville, ReadyIndy has seen an increase in Christians being interested in becoming biblically ready. The ReadyIndy response has also opened the door for Michael Boler to visit churches and share his experience in responding.

One outcome in the ReadyIndy Henrysville response is to host a “Preparedness Weekend” in September, in conjunction with National Preparedness Month.  They have also seen doors open to be able to collaborate with local emergency responders in preparedness activities.

ReadyIndy captures the heart of the mission of CEN: to equip the local Christian community to assess readiness, prepare, and then mobilize a community-wide response. CEN provides ReadyIndy a social platform for organizing volunteers, connecting with other churches, and community outreach. CEN also offers advanced training, emergency supplies, and emergency response gear from our partners.

Is God calling you to help equip your church?

Most Christians would agree we are living in increasingly challenging times. Christian Emergency Network (CEN) through ReadyChurch training equips Christians to unite, prepare and then respond in any emergency offering the Hope of Christ to the hopeless. CEN is uniquely different from traditional “top-down organizational structures” employed by most Christian response groups, in that ReadyChurch provides a “grassroots locally driven structure” assisting Christians and local churches to decide for themselves how, when and where they want to respond to needs within their church and communities. Local ReadyChurch emergency teams assist congregations to become ready, to stand stronger and to be there sharing Christ in crisis.

The CEN national team provides training, resources and coaching during incidents to support the mission of the local church. Applying the National Incident Command System, which mirrors how local, state and federal agencies respond to disaster to the Christian community at large, CEN provides the infrastructure for any local church to respond and also integrate with other Christian human and material resources nationwide in times of disaster.

Is God speaking to you of the urgency to equip Christians in your church ‘for such a time as this’? If your answer is YES, assist your church to become a ReadyChurch today!