ReadyAustin Responds to Central Texas Wildfires

ReadyAustin  (Austin Disaster Relief Network) was “Ready to Respond” to the Central Texas Wildfires earlier this year. Citywide biblical preparedness positioned them to be able to share the hope of Christ with over 1400 survivors of the Bastrop Wildfires.

In addition, ReadyAustin (ADRN) churches and volunteers were able to pray, care and share Christ in this emergency through: 

  • Providing trauma debriefing for over 1,400 survivors.
  • Assisting and praying with thousands of survivors, volunteers, and churches through their Call Center.
  • Coordinating over 1,000 volunteers to clean up an estimated 100 homes of ash and debris.
  • Managing 100,000 square feet of warehouse space and incoming/outgoing donations.
  • Deploying over 300 Critical Incident Stress Management trained volunteers and 120 pastors the first week to help those traumatized.
  • Adopting 395 Bastrop/Spicewood/Leander families, meeting their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs by 70 churches sponsoring these families!

That is just the ReadyAustin (ADRN) response! They have also heard testimonies from people affected by the ReadyAustin (ADRN) response who are surrendering their lives to Jesus, rededicating their lives back to God and being impacted from the overwhelming love/support from volunteers and churches!

Here is just one of the testimonies that came from the ReadyAustin (ADRN) response…

There is a young mother in her early 20s with a 3 year old daughter. Prior to the Central Texas Fires, she lost her house in another fire. This caused stress between her and her fiancé and the relationship dissolved. Since then she had been living with her mother, stepfather and half-brother. When the Central Texas Fires happened, she lost all her possessions a second time.

Following the fires, her life endured further trials as she became seriously ill with an unknown virus, her ex-fiancé vandalized her vehicle rendering it un-drivable and endangering her life and her daughter’s. She had difficulty finding a place to live and people who had promised her help, were not following through.

One of ReadyAustin (ADRN) volunteers had been praying and walking through these trials with her. Good things started happening as her employer gave her 3 months pay to help her get back on her feet with time off from work. A realtor was working with her to stay in various staged homes and she was receiving assistance from local churches and ReadyAustin (ADRN).

In November, she attended church for a second time with this volunteer. That Sunday she prayed the prayer of salvation and confessed with her mouth Jesus is LORD and died for her sins. She is now being discipled.

This is an awesome testament of the ability of the Church to be the answer in times of crisis! If you are interested in finding out more information about how you, your church or your city can be prepared and ready to biblically respond, please visit our website.