Ready to Respond? Pray NOW for Hawaii, California and Alaska

(CEN Phoenix, AZ) February 27, 2010 - Hawaiian Civil Defense sounded sirens Saturday morning to alert residents to evacuate coastal areas ahead of a potential tsunami generated by a major earthquake that hit Chile. Alaska and California were also put on a lower alert level as tsunami concerns rise.

CEN leader Leon Watson, establishing CEN chapters in Hawaii, calls for assistance from the national CEN. "We do not know how serious the effects will be, but in times like this we feel isolated from the mainland and ask for CEN participants to get ready come to our aid. If you are able to support the CEN work here in Hawaii, please go to CEN Hawaii network and let us know how you may be of assistance."

CEN National Inspiration Director Sandie Sangster and CEN Medical Director Dr. Paul Sangster on the ground in Maui state that evacuations there are going well, with stores and gasoline lines full. "It is not a matter of IF we will be affected here in Maui; it is a matter of WHEN." Sangsters report.

CEN State Director Jon Mc Hatton states, "We are in the process now of helping Hawaii to establish a 'virtual CEN chapter' capable of networking all parts of the Christian community to work together to respond while we do not yet know the extent of what the need may be."

CEN President and Founder Mary Marr says, "Being spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically ready themselves, Dr. Paul and Sandie Sangster, will support the local emergency management and Leon Watson in Maui on behalf of CEN. The situation today in the Hawaiian Islands is why Christians must be aware, be ready and be there for any emergency (large or small) as mature Hope-filled disciples."

If you would like to assist in the Hawaiian Islands, please let CEN know your capabilities using the online profile and connecting with the CEN HI chapter.

Please pray for:

  • Those in harm's way - to respond immediately to the emergency management orders to evacuate
  • Leon Watson representing CEN in the Hawaiian Islands - to be safe and able to lead CEN HI
  • Dr. Paul and Sandie Sangster - to respond locally while in harm's way
  • Christians - to assist and inform CEN HI leaders today via their use of the CEN profile
  • Churches - whether for a few hours or longer, to be effective in opening doors for ministry through effective prayer, a sensitive caring response to survivors, and by sharing Christ appropriately
  • The survivors in Santiago Chile - to see the face of Christ in this crisis
  • The many Christian responders - exhausted from Haiti response, and now called to Chile
  • All parts of the Christian Church - to work together effectively through any recovery response
  • Those who are not in harm's way - to see this as another wake-up call to be aware, ready and there as Ready Christians.