Prepared Christians are Key to Disaster Response

Chile's earthquake and aftershocks are more reminders to prepare for major and minor disasters and crises in our lives, as much as is possible. As we pray for those affected, and for all the Christian response efforts now aimed at Chile as well as to Haiti, let's be sure WE are fully prepared for crisis situations in our local areas. Start by signing up to receive free CEN alerts and information, and then take the free online CEN Readiness Profile to be sure you are equipped with the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional "tools" you need.

Help your church family also see the need to prepare and respond with a biblical response. Government looks to the Church for much help, and we believe these unique "outreach" opportunities are of God. People need the Lord, and we can lead them to Him at their greatest point of need and fears. Access the Ready Church track and get going now.