Prayer-Care-Share is breaking through religious barriers in Macedonia

After a whole year since our last meeting with the President to be, now the president of Macedonia, Mr. Gjorge Ivanov, the Skopje City pastors were officially invited to meet him once again. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we were given the opportunity to share the real reason of the existence of the Body of Christ in Skopje, Macedonia.

The Unity of the body is the best evangelistic message we have for the people of Macedonia. The Lord has opened doors for the Church to enter and be used as a tool of encouragement to people in power, including Presidents. Every pastor and leader had the unique opportunity to share testimonies about what God is doing in the City and in our Country as a result of prayer and unity.

Since the Kosovo Crisis (1999) till this day the church has distributed to the poorest of the poor many tons of aid in Macedonia. Prisons were given beds and bedding for the prisoners, a Christian family practice was founded and is being used as a tool for reaching the lost, thousands of literature tracts and books were distributed throughout the whole country thorough the Bible League, Every Home for Christ and the Good News Baptist Church.

In cooperation with Samaritans Purse the churches have so far distributed about 600,000 Christmas shoe boxes to the children in Macedonia. Also, about 400 wheelchairs for handicapped people who cannot afford buying one were delivered to the local municipalities. Even more than this has been done that we did not have time to share. It was obvious that the President knew very little about all of this and was surprised by the huge effort that a relatively small Christian community is making in Macedonia. Besides this we gave a message of encouragement to him that God will bless a Country whose God is the Lord. We assured him that the churches in the Country will intercede for the government and for him. He said our first meeting was incidental, this one was planned, but the next one will be among friends. Would you join us in prayer for Macedonia and the people of Macedonia?