Pray. Then What?

In a special Christian Emergency Network briefing yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security stressed the importance for Christians to heed warnings of global travel; cyber scammers using photos of the death of Osama Bin Laden; and to be ready for potential retaliatory attacks on both hard and soft targets, like the church, in the U.S and abroad.

As worldwide Christian leaders call for fervent prayer for a biblical response to the death of Osama Bin Laden and to pray for the protection of our nation, now increasingly at risk of retaliatory attacks, churches must be ready to secure their facilities and congregations for a potential rise in violence. 

See Something, Say Something.

If you see someone with bulky clothes appearing to conceal something; vehicles parked illegally where your congregation is gathering; unattended packages or briefcases; or see people loitering for no apparent reason- these need to be reported to your local law enforcement. Ask them to redact your personal information.

Get Your Church Ready!

CEN is committed to helping your church get ready. CEN will customize a plan to help your church be ready to respond to emergencies big or small.  Contact CEN’s Ready Church expert Jon McHatton at