Midwest Tornadoes 2012

Below are some updates that have come in from the field. Please continue to support response efforts in prayer. If you know of any needs, please list them on our Midwest Tornados 2012 Response Group.


Sherry Buresh reports: "Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) is responding in four counties which were the hardest hit. The situation is desperate as many people who were already impoverished now have absolutely nothing and will need everything to rebuild their lives. Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) are unable to get in and assist as helping requires the resident give permission to enter and the residents cannot be found. Recognized Christian FBO's are present; however, their work is currently at a standstill due to permissions of residents. Please send cash donations or gift cards directly to CAP as the need is urgent, Please do not send in-kind donations as we are unable to handle the volume we currently have and it is becoming a problem to manage"


Michael Boler reports: "Eleven counties are affected in IN. In one county alone, over two hundred homes have been leveled. There is no building to become a staging area. Most Christian FBOs are present but are hindered in responding at this time. The schools are wiped out making it hard to know how to get seniors ready to graduate and finish their school year with no building to house classes. The assessment has not been completed on needs or damages. Only one county has had a door-to-door accounting of people. There are ten more counties that need assessment. Hand painted signs are posted for food and clothing. Cell phone coverage is non-existent. There have been 14 deaths in all 11 counties so far. Churches in the area were caught unprepared to work together. Indianapolis is approximately 1 1/2 hours to the north of the areas affected. Donation requests are coming in with no definite need assessment to support the donations. We ask that donations be sent to ReadyIndy until they are more fully able to assess the situation for long term recovery. Donations will be used to assist the churches who will assist the survivors of Henrysville and Marysville, the two hardest affected locations in IN."

Mary Marr, CEN Founder and Admin, says: "As we have seen countless times, too many in-kind donations without the ability to warehouse or to assess actual need for goods, rather than assumed, are making managing the excess the second disaster. CEN recommends Cash or Gift Card donations are needed immediately to CAP who is CEN's local first responder and partner on the ground, in real time, who will share Christ appropriately, well and sensitively, as well as be there through recovery. CEN recommends all donations go to a Christian first responder organization that is recognized as having experience, credibility in delivery of service and the Gospel, and who is transparent with their fiduciary responsibilities.

Send donations directly to your preferred Christian first responder, not to other agencies where the Gospel cannot be shared freely or where the human and material assets are absorbed by the organization with no attribution given to Christian response. This is why Christians are urged to keep their donations local, where emergencies are best managed in the near and long term through a well-trained ReadyCity or ReadyChurch."

A National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) spokesperson has called this "Worse than Joplin. These people will need long term help for a long time to come." Although the scope of this disaster is extensive, The Midwest Tornadoes are not getting the same media message attention as did Joplin, MO.

Again, we encourage your response as a ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch or ReadyCity to begin in prayer.

    • Pray for the survivors to be able to comprehend and process their recent tragic experiences.
      • Pray for the first responders to be able to effectively serve the populations affected.
        • Pray for the ReadyChristians, ReadyChurches and ReadyCities that are working within the affected areas to be the light and show the hope of Christ as they work to help people affected.

        If you wish to contribute additional support, please do so by way of cash or gift card donations to either the Christian Appalachian Project in Kentucky or ReadyIndy in Indiana, or to any other Christian first responder organization that is recognized as having experience, credibility in delivery of service and the Gospel, and who is transparent with their fiduciary responsibilities.