It is NOT over in Mexico

The Mexicali Valley continues to rock and roll with aftershocks, many over 5.5 on the Richter scale. So far there have been over 2,500 aftershocks. Warmer weather has helped and hopefully we are finished with the strong winds. The advantage to the winds is the fact it keeps the mosquitoes away. Water standing in many areas has provided an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. Having to deal with all the shaking and living outdoors, mosquitoes increase the anxiety in parents. It is not just the discomfort but the risk of the West Nile virus and other bite related diseases.

Out of necessity many parents use regular insect and bug killer. Which is very alarming knowing the damage that chemicals can do to the skin and health of the children. Providing response and help to people in these types of situations is part of the heart behind CEN. Arizona State Director, Jon McHatton, is using this opportunity to not only help the people of Mexicali, but also to form a CEN chapter in Yuma who will gain firsthand experience in emergency response while forming their chapter.