ISIL List Targets 8,000 Churches. How Should The Church Respond?


In cooperation with our partners at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), CEN is monitoring unconfirmed open source reports by Vocativ that ISIL has published a list of 8,000 addresses in all 50 states for their adherents to attack Christian targets during the holidays.

Currently, the FBI reports there is “No Specific Credible Threat” supporting the claims of ISIL nationwide. And, most importantly should there be specific information on a threat to any church or a Christian individual, event, or facility the FBI, or someone from your state or local law enforcement would directly contact those affected.  

Despite that fact that Europe and the Middle East are on high alert due to recent Christmas festivity celebrations, which have become targets such as the one in Berlin, U.S. law enforcement is urging all citizens remain aware and ready to respond. 

CEN Founder and President Mary Marr says: “After examining the intelligence on this report today, Christians need to be cautious and avoid re-distributing any source news which may be part of a well orchestrated scheme to further incite violence using social media and other forms of communication as expanding an operational tactic.” 


In addition to staying informed with CEN Advisories, whose information has been carefully vetted for timely accurate and actionable information, Marr recommends: “Churches and Christian facilities should contact their security teams with this information and review their security plans with their local citywide CEN Safety Security officers.  Obvious things like, locking doors, securing perimeters during events, reporting suspicious behavior such as taking pictures or leaving packages near facilities, should be reported to your local law enforcement immediately. If you do not have a security team in place start now by contacting a CEN Advisor and downloading CEN’s FREE Ready trainings.”

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  • For Christians to be aware, ready and there sharing Christ in any crisis
  • For Churches to equip their congregations in personal and corporate biblical readiness
  • For Christian city networks to support local law enforcement by collaborating to meet community needs in the name of Jesus Christ


  • Report suspicious behavior to law enforcement to save lives
  • Insure your Church has a sound responsible security plan in place
  • Help your city network to e-examine their citywide security plans. 


  • With seekers how to find “True Peace” found only in Christ before, during and after crisis
  • With your church how they can be ready to give an answer for the Hope of Christ together as a testimony to your community
  • With your citywide leaders how to use CEN’s ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch and ReadyCity trainings to encourage biblical unity and provide a strong outreach in any crisis