Is Your Church Ready?

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have awakened our nation with the need to take personal and church responsibility to prepare, to respond and recover from massive disaster. God is once again warning His children to prepare and rebuild physical and spiritual walls.

Whether you or your church is currently directly affected by the long-term devastation, or now helping those who were, disasters will come your way. The disciplined responsible Christian family and church will prepare before it happens, will respond as Jesus would while it happens, and after God's warnings and steps are heeded, will recover stronger and only then witness Kingdom expansion for all eternity!

In recent weeks, story after story, God has reminded us that placing our trust in government to save us during disaster is risky. Yet, we also witnessed "the greater church" reaching out - with or without prior experience - prayerfully prompted, to care for the needs of complete strangers and entire churches. These faithful ones have earned the right to share the Good News of Jesus Christ-His Hope to the Hopeless.

Christian Emergency Network (CEN) has prepared three outstanding four week sermons to walk You, Your Staff, and Your Church through three vital steps around four Biblical role models on: how and why to prepare, to respond and to recover before, during and after disasters. While you may not be accustomed to the length of such a series, the first steps any person or congregation must take will mean a minimum of a four week sequential sermon series commitment now before it happens.. And then, the other two in the series will be kept in your files and used only when a disaster occurs, or in weeks after it occurs. The series is designed to be a simple first step, easy to implement and low cost. CEN understands the challenges often being under-staffed, under-budget, and with limited volunteers- your alarm bells.

Yet, CEN must ask you: Is Your Church Ready for such Christian heroism? 
Personal, Church and Community Outreach - 3 Step Process, Application, and Resources

This is a time to heed God's warnings and shepherd your own family, staff and church in responsible timely preparedness, response and recovery. For example, when was the last time you held an evacuation drill in your church or backed up church files? Do not let them down. Who else will lead them? You have earned their trust. You see their need. You've been called to make the Gospel relevant to and through this generation and know you will give account.

Let Christian Emergency Network hold up your arms! We are praying for you.