How Should Christians Respond to Civil Unrest?


CEN Advisory 6.10.20
Phoenix,  AZ

How Should Christians Respond to Civil Unrest?

Christians who are AWARE of our times, and READY, will be THERE responding as Jesus would when asked: “Where is God in this?” 
1. Be Aware

As the funeral procession of George Floyd makes its way through the streets of Houston this week a crescendo of outrage, fear, and grief has descended upon the U.S. in nationwide protests resembling the riots of 1967. Thirty plus urban cities, mostly, and also smaller rural areas, have been attacked by precision-planned violent riots resulting in loss of life and massive loss of property. Our nation has turned its back on God for decades. As a result, the utter harshness and the consequences of sin are being laid bare for all to see. Whether it is convenient or comfortable we all must be Aware of the hour, and Ready to give an answer for the Hope of Christ. His Love speaks volumes! 

“The first to present the case seems right, til another comes forward and questions him.” Proverbs 18:17
Just as the nation was trying to emerge from the onslaught of COVID19 and economic fallout with historic long term ramifications witnessing hopeful signs like “green shoots of life in the desert”, these hopes were once again shattered by threats from every corner. Law enforcement registered over 750 plus cases of police death or injury, over 100 violent attacks were also leveled on Secret Service agents. Peaceful demonstrators, exercising their freedoms to assembly guaranteed by the U.S. The Constitution has their voices drowned out and are often seen scrambling for safety in the midst of embedded domestic violent groups out to exploit the situation. Prepare for Civil Unrest

CEN continues to monitor the COVID19, economic and civil unrest crisis and communicates regularly with federal, state and local officials. Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf said: “People can and should protest peacefully with law and order not the chaos and crime we are seeing in the streets. Cutting law enforcement budgets is not an effective approach to a serious issue. Violent group protests, anarchists, and violent opportunists are involved and DOJ is investigating.” To receive CEN law enforcement briefings from a Christian worldview and learn how to build relationships with law enforcement: Safety Security Officer 101

Learn how to prepare personally in the event of civil unrest.

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2. Be Ready

CEN Founder and President, Mary Marr who lived through the Detroit riots of 1967 said: “Everyone - Christian or non-Christian should be able to agree upon this one thing: ALL life matters, and everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, respect and honesty. Beyond the destruction and grief stricken wailing, Christians need to hear and answer the pleas of seekers asking: Where is God in this crisis? as a ReadyChristian”  

“We see black lines being spray painted on buildings to identify violent protestors should view them as targets for violent destruction. CEN is asking our law enforcement partners, with this lawlessness are neighborhoods and churches next? It is not only urban areas which are affected, but rural areas as well. You need to prepare your ReadyChurch right now for civil unrest” says Darryl Walker, CEN National Safety Security Officer and former pastor.

CEN ReadyIndy leader says: “As a Christian city leader, with the peace and Hope of Christ have you built relationships with other churches, ministries, and across the political, cultural and racial and law enforcement divides? Do you know what your community needs are? Do you have a ReadyCity that will “Be There” praying, caring and sharing the love of Christ long after the heightened rhetoric and loud voices are silenced?”

“When we single out one group over another, subordinating one over the other it is a contemporary form of supremacy which has been fostered for centuries. The mentality of the “survival of the fittest” - white, black, blue or any other color is an attitude of supremacy which should be offensive to everyone. It is a God-given right to be treated not only equally, but respectfully. As Christians, responsible for law enforcement we know, violations of basic rights are breaches of security and trust are willful amoral problems which only Christ can transform.” says ReadyFL Safety Security Officer, Kurt Jordan

3. Be There


  • Christians will seek a righteous path: seeking what is good, acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with Our God. Micah 6:8
  • Christian leaders will seek His wisdom to facilitate dialog rather than falling prey to organized division. Proverbs 18:17
  • Learn how to lovingly facilitate conversations with your family, congregations and ministry groups. Mathew 22:39
  • Give those who are hurting a better understanding of the character of God. Mathew 5:16
  • Peace and joy in the midst of chaos which come to those who put their HOPE in Christ alone to transform their own hearts and minds first! Ephesians 2:8-9
  • Solutions, without Christ at the center, as good as they may sound, will ultimately fail. John 15:5
  • Abundant the fruit of the Spirit of God by sharing kindness, respect and honesty in relationships to turn the tragedies into lives with eternal triumph. Galatians 5:22-23

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